In Venezuela the hot springs of Las Trincheras, one of the best in the world

These waters have healing characteristics, so they are constantly visited by Venezuelans and foreigners, becoming a health tourism alternative


Photo reference: Trinchera, an entire alternative health center

These waters to improve health emanate directly from a source or subsoil wetland to a main dam and then is transferred to the pools designed with several pipes, presenting a temperature of up to 90 degree centigrade.

 There is the Valencia-Puerto Cabello motorway, 5 minutes from the La Entrada toll booth, in the town of Las Trincheras, where its special appeal is its thermal waters, one of the richest in mineral and therapeutic properties in the world, according to Specialists.

The thermal waters were already visited 200 years ago by Baron Alejandro Humboldt and it is in 1889 when this thermal center was founded.

One of the main attractions that Las Trincheras offers are whirlpools, where a stream of hot water will help you to feel like never before.

The springs rise from the interior of the mountain to 90 degrees Celsius, along with dense steam. They are classified as pipertrermals, bicarbonated, sodium, fluorinated, siliceous, mineralized and non-harmful radioactive mediums. These characteristics give them healing properties for rheumatic, locomotor, digestive, respiratory, neurovegetative, skin, gynecological, antiallergic and detoxifying properties. The Trincheras own a pool of sludge very popular among the frequent visitors to the place, that allows to increase the positive effect.

More attractive

Another attraction that offers the place are the dispensers of steam that escape the cracks of the mountain.TERMALES 7.jpgTERMALES 1.jpg

Reference picture: thermal waters considered the best

The large amount of steam that comes from these waters is used for 2 special services such as steam inhalers and steam baths. There are steam baths for ladies and gentlemen with remarkable and recognized therapeutic and relaxation benefits allowing the user to eliminate toxin, causing oxygenation of the blood, cleanses the skin and cleans the airways.

Vapor inhalers decongest the airways, cleanses the skin, relieves discomfort of the nose and throat.

Sludge source

There is a source of thermal mud that is radioactive, but it is not harmful and it fulfills several functions like the cleaning of the skin, it relieves affections of muscle and joint discomforts, dermatological affections applying a recommended amount on the affected area.


                                     Reference picture: the mud is effective for detoxification

When you go, remember that the bathroom should be slow and rested and should not be too long. You should not have eaten meals in the previous two hours. It is advisable to check your blood pressure and if you have circulatory problems, consult your doctor before using the sauna or bathing in the hot springs.

Written by: Luis Augusto Gonzalez


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