Venezuela has a university for tourism

Writing: Luis Augusto Gonzalez

It is the first university of Tourism in Venezuela, dedicated to the formation of professionals to develop the tourist activity of the country.

Educational and training services are 100% free


Opportunity for new professionals

With the support of the Bolivarian Government, Venezuela has been operating the National University of Tourism (Unatur), which has been serving the people since November 2016, and its headquarters are located in the city of Barcelona, Anzoátegui state.

The Minister of Popular Power for Tourism, Marleny Contreras, stressed that this is a university for the training of professionals who contribute to the economic, productive and tourism development of the country.

In the university will have participation the Hotel School of Mérida and the network of hotels Venetur, as part of the tools for a complete and integral tourist education.

The academic project is part of the National Program of Tourism Training (PNFT) promoted by the Ministry of Popular Power for University Education, Science and Technology (Mppeuct) and is a joint work between the Ministry of Tourism and the College School Hotel School Of the Venezuelan Andes (Cuhelav), pioneer in the country’s tourist education.

These initiatives guarantee the tourist development of Venezuela, by raising the level of education in the area, it guarantees an integral formation in the sector, which encompasses not only hotel management but tourism management. It is a deeply humanist, socialist, inclusionist university For our people. Tourism opens doors and arms to opportunities.

The installations

The facilities of the chair have structures for workshops, state-of-the-art equipment, including Wi-Fi, language classrooms, computer rooms.

The Minister of Tourism Marlenes Contreras said that the doors of this university are opening for training in a very exciting sector, full of culture, music, tradition, history, heritage; But the most important thing is that it is an area where we can serve with much love for the development of our country.


This university has modern facilities necessary for academic training

In a first phase, it is estimated to specialize 2 thousand 40 students conceptualized with tourism in a comprehensive way, also completely free and all educational and training services offered. This university is modern and fully equipped to include young people wishing to study tourism.


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