Making Ecotourism Will Help Save the Planet

Knowing more about the environment where we live we notice that we lack something, any natural element that is on the planet, and we do not have it nearby. But inspire us curiosity to know, enjoy or share, if we live on the coast we long the Andes, deserts, mountains or all living beings that accompany us in this global ecosystem, which for each human being should be special as a spiritual source to be inside A micro ecosystem or a large ecosystem.

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An environmental environment that we must protect

       The growth of economic activities is clearly limited by the exponential consumption of available natural resources. This condition is reached through a series of related factors that contribute to characterize the environmental deterioration, whose meaning is the exhaustion of the development base Economic, social and human.

       The population increase and an inadequate technological design are becoming the popular factors of the ecological crisis. Tourism experiences the ecological crisis functioning as a subsystem within a larger dimension, the supra socio-cultural system and from this point of view can be a start to propose solutions in networks, through local governments, media, educational system And training centers, production centers, groups of environmental volunteers, and others that generate policies of local reach with global significance, is the great challenge to face.

Ecotourism: motivating force

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Ecotourism allows the observation of the environment

      Ecotourism presents itself with a motivating force for all the communities of the planet, to live, to offer and to enjoy the surroundings, and to visit the selected destination in question, it is necessary not to carry the comforts that we have at home and to retire not leave nothing there Of garbage or waste, that we also belong to return with them or use scientifically proven alternatives that do not cause environmental damage.

        The practice of ecotourism is oriented to favor the knowledge and learning of natural manifestations, through certain interactions of zero impact, or low impact, the ideas is to enjoy nature as it is present, to interpret the aroma of the plant, its greenness or varied colors , Noise from animals, insects or birds.

Ecotourism is not for mass markets of peoplediciembre 2016 197.JPG

Ecotourism allows you to enjoy nature in an educational way

        Ecotourism is not for mass markets of people, it is a rigorous and specialized tourism that surpasses the practice of conventional tourism, where governments and local authorities must accompany communities in their struggle to defend their heritage for preservation and sustainability in the Time of the natural or cultural elements that are embedded inserts in the region visited. In any case social awareness is the most important thing to apply in today’s life.

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Escribir una leyenda

Misuse of natural resource hurts the future of the planet

Written by Luis Augusto Gonzalez







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